If you’re submitting hundreds or thousands of claims a month, you need creative solutions for identifying data that would be questioned during an audit, or for finding user errors that would result in claims adjustments/reversals/voids, and for identifying potential revenue left on the table. Scrubbing a percentage of data before billing or conducting look back audits is not enough.

With NoteScanner™ hundreds of thousands of data elements are scrubbed instantly and automatically based on customizable criteria you set.

  • Duration - to help identify errors in service duration where you will claim for too much or too little.
  • Words/phrases - to help identify words or phrases indicative of errors in billing, compliance, or for sentiment analysis.
  • Chart/note length - to ensure agency or regulatory compliance and identify errors.
  • Times - quickly identify unusual times that a service(s) was provided.
  • Utilization - identify clients with partial attendance to help drive business and clinical decision making.
  • Duplicates - Identify documentation with matching dates and times, preventing submission of fraudulent claims.
  • Duplicated content - find copy/paste behavior of staff trying to take shortcuts.
  • Overlapping Services - Easily identify multiple services provided to a client on the same day that have overlapping times, or the same service documented multiple times on the same day.
  • Non-contiguous notes (gaps) - For multiple services provided throughout any given day, find instances of non-contiguous notes, or gaps in documentation.

How it works

NotesScanner takes advantage of your EHR's data export feature. All that is required is an Excel file structured in a way that will work with NotesScanner. NotesScanner reads the Excel file row by row, examining it for the matching criteria you entered on the main menu of the interface. The results are then condensed and written to a seperate Excel file. The criteria is saved after every execution, so you only have to change the settings one time. The modules can be run all together, one at a time, or any combination.


  • Auditing/QA - Reduce time spent on auditing and quality assurance measures.
  • Protection - Protect your agency from generating and sending claims that would be fraudulent.
  • Billing Operations - Reduce or eliminate time spent voiding or adjusting claims.
  • Compliance - Examine your notes for compliance with agency and regulatory compliance.
  • Management Reporting - Get the most out of your data: use NotesScanner to find clients or programs with poor attendance.

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Simple and complex Excel solutions, from formula's to customized user-defined functions, let Excel grapple some of your most complicated tasks—even without a resident office Excel wizard. Excel continues to be one of the most popular and powerful tools for data and workflows.

  • Formula - Advanced knowledge and application of formula's, including IF, SUMIF, COUNT/IF, INDEX, VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP.
  • Functions - Familiar with basic and intermediate formual's but still need something more? A user-defined function help identify words or phrases indicative of errors in billing, or for sentinment analysis.
  • VBA - Click a button on your spreadsheet to do complex and monotonous routines. Particularly useful for staff or volunteers not familiar with (or scared!) of Excel.
  • User Forms - Keep staff or volunteers out of your spreadsheet entirely. With user forms, you can restrict the type of data going into your sheets and where it's going.


Many routine tasks can be automated with a little bit of programming. From traversing directories and renaming files, to full-blown desktop applications, there is a solution for anything.

  • Python/VBA Programming - Automate tasks, automated email reminders, file parsing, desktop/web applications, scripting, etc.
  • Google - Extend the basic functionality of the G-Suite using Google's APIs and scripting.
  • Web development/hosting - Modern and responsive website development using the latest technologies in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.